Bootzilla Productions Presents: "A Tribute to the Godfather of Soul":

Bootsy Collins joined the James Brown band at a ripe old age of 17.The Godfather had no mercy and quickly showed him how to play on the One, Then from there he let Bootsy do his thang, that's right, as long as it was James Brown Tight he could play all night. Now Bootsy and Original JB's Rhythm section: Catfish Collins, Guitar, Jabo(on the One)Starks and Clyde (the funky drummer) Stubblefield, on Drums, with Johnny (theAfrikan Groove-ulator) Griggs, and Bobby Byrd's son Bart Anderson Byrd, will sit in for Bobby Byrd on Organ.Tony Wilson, who Mr. Brown himself, acknowledged him as the "Young James Brown" will sing, will prance and dance while checking out The Hot Pants! Bobby Byrd Band featuring: Mrs. Vicky Anderson Byrd, who was one of the first Kings Queens to go solo as a James Brown Productions Artist, along with her sons and daughters will remind you why Bobby Byrd said, "I know you got Soul, if you didn't you wouldn't be in Here!" Escapism Band, put together by Brian Hardgroove the Bass player for Public Enemy, will make it Funky, along with a lot of other JB Classic's. Now Venisha Brown ,the daughter of James Brown, who not only looks exactly Like him, she also dances just like him, but she got the swerves and the curves that Papa didn't take no mess, didn't have. Freekbass, with the quake of his Mutronic onslaught of his own Bootsy style Bass. He will definitely finger funk up the place. Zion Planet 10, is our youngest at 14 years old, but has got the talent and wisdom of a young Stevie-No-Wonder he's on the JB-Tribute tour with his bad self. ICandi, will blow your mind with there young vocalist Ms. Candice, who you will fall in love with her as an artist, a person, and a real classy women no doubt. She's got her Brother's that got the Rap and will make sure you get up Offa that Thang Djizzle one of a kind, young Gurley killer with his mind and lyrical content that will Surely represent, his generation and be the greatest rapper on all sides of the Continent.

This tour is 360 degrees James Brown Hot! If you coming to see Bootsy's Rubber Band, your at the wrong show. If you come to see Parliament Funkadelic, Bootsy was still with the Godfather.
Now if you coming just to see Bootsy like back in the day when he started with the Godfather, YEA! This is that Mutha� so bring your Popcorn. *Additional Guest are: Fred Wesley, Afrika Bambaata, and Chuck D On certain shows only.