FREEKBASS "Funk Bass" DVD Review From The Funk Store

Now isn't that title a mouthful!

We love to see reviews of Rock House Products, TheFunkStore.com recently reviewed FREEKBASS' DVD series "Funk Bass" from Rock House Method.

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"Whether you're the neophyte starting fresh on the bass or the seasoned player looking to hone your own chops with a plethora of creative techniques this DVD is a must have!" - http://www.thefunkstore.com/

Ohio funk is the stuff of legend. Bubbling up from this seeming eternal wellspring of talent came 70’s artists like Slave, Roger’s Human Body, Junie Morrison, Babyface, Bootsy’s Rubber Band and several others too numerous to mention. Bootsy himself presented Shag in the 90’s and thus one of the more experimental creative bassists of the new age, Chris “Freekbass” Sherman. It’s now time to once again enter the Funk Zone with the fluorescent Freekbass.

Freekbass culls all of his early bass influence together on this outstanding instructional DVD from Rock House on How To Play Funk Bass. After unleashing two now classic slabs of millennial Cincinnati groove CDs (the critically acclaimed “Body Over Mind” & “The Air Is Fresher Underground”), he returns to pass this tradition of rock, funk & hip-hop bass on you. Pre-funk bass thumpers everywhere can now plug in to the Rock House community with this DVD for step-by-step exercises into the Freekbass approach and style. Reminds me of what made me fall in love with Bootsy’s playing some 30 years ago. Freekbass wants the make the instrument talk, make it sing. And he opens the door for you to do it too.

Freekbass wants to groove with you and put you on the one. Freekbass stretches out on his abilities as performer and teacher. He provides the novice student with a patient, historical journey into the origins of funky bass playing. He wants you to take your time and expound upon your own creativity to ultimately construct your own basslines. His is a clear, concise, well-honed and planned out teaching style that will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed on the instrument. Whether you’re the neophyte starting fresh on the bass or the seasoned player looking to hone your own chops with a plethora of creative techniques this DVD is a must have! Freekbass gives thorough, easy to process funkin’ lessons on theory, timing & rhythm, scales, plucking and thumping, parts of the bass, how to tune it, hold it, make it talk.

Though the subject matter he covers is thorough, he has such an amusing appeal one can’t help but embellish his every word . Staccato groove, G major & minor, triad grooves, pentatonic scales, warm-ups, James Brown feel, pedal effects and more. All the while peppering the sessions with short inspiring and interesting anecdotes about his experiences with the masters; Bootsy, Catfish, Larry Graham. In fact, he started playing bass by grooving alongside the old JB records. He discovered the percussive aspects of bass playing in groove music early on and continues to use that approach in live performances. The DVD also indulges one to experience Freekbass all the way live in action with a smoldering snippet from Bootsy’s Fall Ball at Univ. of Cincinnati a few years back plus links to all of his internet activities. I also urge the initiate to peep his new live set “Grooveyard” to experience even more pedal-pushing bass insanity.