Darius Walker quote on the 'We Are ND' song/video

Quote from former ND running back (fourth on the career rushing list at Notre Dame) , and current Denver Bronco, Darius Walker about the 'We Are ND' song/video:

“As a former student-athlete, I absolutely LOVE this video. I understand that our great university is full of years of tradition which sometimes makes it difficult to change that way of thinking. We are living in a new age of 'entertainment' and regardless of own individual opinions, we have to take note of the changing world and try to position ourselves using the same values our school is built upon. This video is definitely ‘non-traditional’ which is especially good for the sports programs. I can’t remember a time when I even heard an upbeat song or any type of music before a game. This song can be that tool for the sports programs. Ted is not reinventing the wheel, he just put some new tires on it.”