Official 1966 Batmobile Replicas Now for Sale

Mark Racop and his Fiberglass Freaks replicas will get you a full, exact copy of the 1966 Batmobile with:

• Rocket exhaust flamethrower works

• Show-car quality paint job.

• Car sports Radir wheels with accurately shaped bat spinners.

• Brand new GM 350 crate engine and brand new transmission.

• Center console aluminum trim

• Five light flasher, steering bezel, door sill chevron plates, "chrome-painted seat buckets, and even the very knobs, buttons and T handles are molded from vintage equipment."

• Five highly-polished aluminum roll top dashboard doors that glide open.

• Red beacon light.

• Batbeam antenna grid raises between the front windshields.

• Detect-a-scope radar screen glows green.

• DVD player that plays on the LCD screen in the dash.

• Hood and trunk raise and lower with actuator switches.

• High-end stereo to play back the original Batman theme or the Prince one.